Hi. My name is Jane Te-Aroha-Nui Crosbie. Welcome to my art and my website of enchanted journeys. I am an artist and writer and an itinerant inveterate adventurer addicted to intrepid journeys.  My art is often described as molten, electrifying, explosive, intense, colourful and fiery.  I am a creature of fire – and creating art to me is an act of love, of passion, of fire.  My art is my passion, my emotion, my moods, my worship, my prayer – the consummation of my heart mind soul spirit and all the love I have.  I paint because I am in love with life – so my paintings are acts of love.  My middle name – Te-Aroha-Nui – means the hugest greatest most powerful love –  in the Maori language.

My life is one of boundless curiosity that I satisfy in the best possible way – by discovering life for myself through taking solitary journeys all over the world. These I call my “Enchanted Journeys.” We live in an indescribably beautiful world and I aim to experience as much of it as I can as deeply as I can as long as I can.

When I’m not travelling overseas I take every opportunity possible to hit the road and travel all over New Zealand. New Zealand is my home, my heart and soul, my deepest passion, and the inspiration for my latest exhibition of work – “Enchanted Journeys.”

I love the energy of New Zealand. Orgasmic energy. To be honest that’s the only word I know to describe the nature of New Zealands unique energy. The beauty of this country is so intense sometimes I think the land itself is in the throes of the most powerful orgasm. The spirit and colours of its most ethereal places are so exhilarating when I explore them alone, just me and the land, they make my blood pulse through my body in a powerful orgasmic rush. Colours so electric so vibrant so intense so alive they surge through me leaving me breathless.

How do I describe what New Zealand makes me feel? I can’t. At least not in words. Words are too limited too incomplete to describe how passionately I love the land. They only deliver half the real intensity of that passion.

All I can do is paint all I see and feel and hope when you look at my paintings they make you see and feel all the magic of this beautiful land I do. All I can say is when I die I don’t have to go to heaven – I already know I live there now.
That’s the inspiration for my art. I live in heaven.

Every time I travel from the tip of New Zealands North Island to the bottom of its South Island the gates of heaven open anew. Every time I hit the road every journey becomes an enchanted journey anew.

I have a very simple artists philosophy – just go ….. and paint – the coast, the rivers and lakes, the forests and mountains all over New Zealand. No dramas – just me – in solitude – in love with the land, the sea, the sky before me.

The digital landscape you see here created and named by my brilliant website designer Euan Craig is called “Crosbie Country.” Euan created this 3D landscape by combining a group of my paintings to create “Crosbie Country”, to represent a fresh, unique innovative vision, of both my own unique style of art and my enchanted journeys throughout this beautiful land.

I have many enchanted journeys to share with you. I hope they inspire you to explore New Zealand yourself. So as the Maori people of New Zealand say ….. Haere mai ….. Haere mai ….. Haere mai ….. welcome ….. welcome ….. welcome ….. and enjoy the orgasmic beauty of this land we call Aotearoa.