Abstracts give me freedom – the freedom to explore and experiment – with ideas and techniques and composition – to portray subjects from different perspectives.  Sometimes after painting realistic landscapes or portraits – of people or horses or other commission subjects, I want to be free to simply express the mood I’m in – the fire, ecstasy, exhilaration, or energy swimming around inside me seeking escape and expression. So I paint abstracts. Sometimes my aim is to tell a story – other times my aim is to evoke several emotions in these paintings – awe – because we live in a world of miracles – being surrounded by gorgeous colour being one of those miracles – exhilaration – ecstasy – passion – joy – at simply being alive. I want to immerse people in beautiful dynamic life giving colour and pure energy. Sometimes I paint small abstract studies. These studies record the information on colour, texture, values I need to create dynamic compositions later.  These small studies will often be expanded into huge canvases later.  I yearn to paint huge abstracts – 10 metre long abstracts – but first I will need to build a bigger studio!  I love painting abstracts as much as I love painting representational realistic works.