Landscapes & Seascapes

My landscapes are a vibrant celebration of life.  They often depict the mood of the land rather than an exact photographic likeness.  I paint what the land makes me ‘feel’ as well as what I see.  One of the comments I often receive when people view my landscapes is:
“I can’t help but wonder what paradise you live in.  You do not live in this world.  You depict places of wonder – the magic of the land.  Your deep feeling for land and trees and water reveals your mastery of light and shadow and colour, and your work reveals your deep connection to the land.  I love your vibrant intensely coloured landscapes and their powerful positive energy.”
The feeling of vibrant intense energy within my landscapes is due to many layers of colour beneath the surface of the painting.  I layer colour after colour so the painting has an inner glow. and the scene has a life of its own, so the layers of colour have light coming through each layer.  Each layer of colour creates its own mood.  They all mix to create landscapes that are truly magical when seen live.  Colour is the most powerful language I know.