My ancestry is Maori, English, Scottish, and Danish.  The Maori people of New Zealand are immensely talented and I am very proud of being Maori in Aotearoa. The Maori people have many stories no-one is telling – because by nature Maori are very humble people who protect their culture fiercely and traditionally have not shared it in order to protect it.  My aim is to show the world how beautiful the Maori people are – how beautiful Maori heritage and culture are, by telling our stories through art. We are a beautiful people and culture.   If we do not show the world how beautiful we are the world will never know. They will believe what the media and the history books tell them instead. That is why I have made it my personal mission to show the world how beautiful my people are.  These paintings in my Maori section show our stories.  I hope they contribute to greater understanding of our people among those of other nations.  My goal is to share in the hopes of fostering appreciation.  If you wish to read the true background story – the meaning behind each painting please visit my Face Book page.